Queensland Weekender – SOQ Whitsunday Jet Ski video transcript

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Airlie Beach is a top holiday spot and just a skip and a jump from the islands of the Whitsundays.

What’s the craziest way to get to this paradise? On board Spirit of Queensland.

Instead of long hours behind the wheel wouldn’t you rather lounge back and let someone else drive?

And when it’s time for tucker, how cool is this, your meal comes to you! Entertainment screens mean you’re all set for a movie marathon. And when the eyelids get droopy, your seat turns into a cosy bed.

Well, Cody woke up. It looks like we’re nearly in Proserpine. Wanna get something to eat because I am starving. A quick freshen up and it’s off to the club car. We’ve got just enough time to tuck into breaky.

Can I grab two croissants and two cappuccinos please?

Pretty soon the Spirit will be rocking up to the Proserpine Railway Station. Ah we’re here mate and I can’t wait to get into some boardies. While we’re here I’m going to be living in boardies. Oh yeah.

It’s just 30 minutes from Proserpine to Airlie Beach and the beautiful Whitsundays. There’s no end to the island adventures you can have here. And plenty start at Airlie’s Abell Point Marina.

Check out all these big boats. But there’s only one problem they not fast enough. You read my mind. Now, this is more like it. Whitsunday Jetski Tours are all about adventure. They get the sea breeze blowing through your hair.

The fun starts at the marina with a briefing and safety vest fitting.  How do I look? Luke and I have signed up for the Two Island Safari a guided adventure through the islands waterways.

The two and a half hour tour runs twice a day and our guide Alex knows all the beaut spots.

So what do you reckon about that mate?

Oh man, that is sweet!

Even made your hair stand up a little bit I reckon.

That is awesome, you must get people just finishing up with smiles this big after they’re on.

Absolutely. Like, we get a lot of people that have never ever been on a jetski before. You get all sorts of different abilities, different ages, different fitness levels. That’s right. And we do try and cater to everyone. Yeah, look, we’ve got a lot of a few options as well, a few different tours. So perhaps if someone is you know is not so keen to go on the longer ones we do have shorter ones to suit. More around the bays  around Airlie Beach, called the early adventure that one, for an hour and a half and we do also have another tour which is slightly longer again where we actually visit one of the islands here and have a bit of lunch and actually get off the skis and walk around and it’s yeah, it’s a lot of fun too.

No lunching on this tour but there is time for a sneaky chocky and a geography lesson.

We’re actually here standing on South Molle an absolutely beautiful island, as you can see. We did a bit of a lap of Bauer Bay.

And this is just one of the Molle islands. Absolutely correct.

Just over here, you’ve got the North Molle, we actually did a bit of a rundown that on the skis and you’ve got Middle Molle and you’ve also got West Molle now, you may know that better as Daydream Island.

You really do have an amazing job here. This is just your backyard and it’s just unreal. Every day.

The weather always changes. It’s always a different crew. It’s lots of fun. Yeah, I love it.

And here’s another thing to love about Whitsunday Jetski. There tour are eco accredited with a big tick from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Whitsunday Jetski Tours can take you on a half or full day adventure from Airlie Beach and they offer free transfers from your accommodation.

After a day of sun and sea spray you’ll be hanging out for a sweet spot to put your feet up. How about Boathaven Spa Resort at the port of Airlie.

They’ve got one, two or three bedrooms, suites and studios with all the mod cons and private balconies overlooking the marina and pool. Man that jet skiing was a blast. I loved it but sometimes it’s nice just to slow down a bit.

Boathaven Spa Resort is your Whitsunday holiday base. When you sign up for Queensland Rail travels Six-Day Airlie Beach Escape.

Check the Queensland Rail Travel website for all their coastal holiday packages.

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